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Railroad  CountCount
ACFX General Electric Rail Services14
ADMX ADM Transportation Company4
AMCX BP Amoco Chemical Company Chemical Division1
AMOX Union Tank Car Company2
APRX Air Products and Chemicals Incorporated1
AREX Aeropres Corporation1
ARIX General Electric Rail Services1
ATSF Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe6
BIGX Air Liquide America Corporation1
BN Burlington Northern2
BNSF BNSF Railway3
CALX California Railcar Corporation1
CELX Celtran Incorporated (Hoechst Celanese Corp)7
CNTX Continental Tank Car Corporation1
CONX ConocoPhillips Company3
CORX Coors Brewing Company3
CPCX Chevron Phillips Chemical Company1
CRGX Cargill Incorporated5
CTCX Endasa S.A. De C.V.2
DBUX CIT Group/Capital Finance, Inc6
DBWX D.B. Western Inc - Texas1
DCLX Dow Chemical Canada Incorporated1
DLPX Degussa Canada Limited1
DNAX Dana Railcare1
DOWX Dow Chemical Company5
DUPX Du Pont De Nemours and Company Incorporated2
ETCX Eastman Tennessee Corporation2
EUSX Exxon Mobil Corporation2
FCOX FLO CO2 Incorporated1
FMLX FMC Corporation1
GATX General American Marks Company23
GETX General American Marks Company1
GLNX GLNX Corporation2
HHCX Huntsman, LLC1
HOKX Occidental Chemical Corporation1
HPLX Exxon Mobil Corporation1
IAPX Air Liquide America Corporation3
ICPX Icl Performance Products Lp1
JDSX M and C Railcar Leasing LLC1
JMHX J. M. Huber1
KCCX Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation2
KCPX Kemira Chemicals Canada Incorporated1
KCS Kansas City Southern6
KFTX J & J Railcar Leasing2
LSIX ADM Transportation1
LTCX Praxair Incorporated7
MBLX Exxon Mobil Corporation3
MCHX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated1
MCVX Massuchusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters Assoc.3
MHAX US Dept of Interior-Bureau of Mines Helium Field Operations1
MKT Missouri-Kansas-Texas3
MQPX Millenium Inorganic Chemicals, Inc3
MRL Montana Rail Link3
MWTX Midwest Ethanol Transport, LLC3
NATX General Electric Rail Services12
NCRC Nebraska Central1
NCTX CIT Group/Capital Finance, Inc1
NTLX Nashtex Leasing Incorporated1
PCHX Poole Chemical Incorporated1
PLMX CIT Group/Capital Finance, Inc3
PPGX PPG Industries Incorporated1
PROX Procor Limited25
PSPX Chevron Phillips Chemical Company1
PVCX BHP Copper Incorporated2
RACX General Electric Rail Services1
RCRX Reagent Chemical and Research Incorporated1
RRBX Rampart Range Corporation2
SDPX South Dakota Soybean Processors3
SHPX American Railcar Leasing, LLC11
SP Southern Pacific3
SPCX Qwest Communications Corporation1
STSX Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas, Inc10
TAEX Andersons1
TAGX Texoma AG Products1
TASX TransRail Incorporated1
TCPX Trinity Industries Leasing Company1
TEIX Transportation Equipment Incorporated12
TILX Trinity Industries Leasing Company27
TIMX Trinity Industries Leasing Company1
UCLX Occidental Chemicals Corporation5
UP Union Pacific Railroad Company1
UPT Union Pacific Tender2
USAX United States Army1
UTLX Union Tank Car Company28
XOMX Exxon Mobil Corporation1

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